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Career, Money, or Personal Relationships

Gain Power and Knowledge Today! My Readings, Channelings, and Healings are done with integrity, sincerity and compassion. I am a third-generation, intuitive Psychic, Medium, and Healer, using spiritual light to give clear and accurate readings.

Here are a few notes from some of my clients about their experience with me:
• “You are truly amazing! Is there anything you can’t do? It was a wonderful experience having a reading with you. I have been to many other psychics, but you really have a gift.”
- Lisa, Calabasas

• “I want you to know that your gift of mind is truly exceptional. I am still thinking about how ‘right on’ you were about so many of the thoughts that you brought up. You gained my trust immediately. I am still amazed at how accurate your reading of me was. I have been telling my friends they must sit down with you for a reading. You’re good! Really good. Keep it up. You are truly gifted at your craft.”
- Greg, Pasadena

• “I never thought I’d say this to a psychic. You are incredible! Your ability to communicate with animals is AMAZING!”
- Christina, Los Angeles

“SANDY SMITH IS THE REAL DEAL!" I have had many readings from many different psychics, but I consider Sandy the best by far. No matter what she is reading about, she is very clear and specific. I recently asked her about my sister, who is ill; she correctly identified the specfic organs that were affected, and what she told me with regard to the illness turned out to be absolutely accurate, even though we didn't know at the time. Her work as a healer, I truly believe is a gift from God. If there is occasion that she suggests a healing to you, I certainly hope you take her advise and let her do the work. I can't say enough good things about her. I always like to run important situations by her, as I have found her insight to be incredibly useful. - Reg Los Feliz, CA

• Hi Sandy, I just wanted to convey my thanks to you. "Tears came to my eyes" reading what was expressed by my mom and family to you. I miss talking with them, but I know they are in my heart. I will continue to pray that Tom's frienship and any romantic interests that may finally come in the upcoming weeks or months. I hope my gut instinct will guide me when to take or turn down a job offer in upcoming weeks. If this is going to be a good year, not sure if it will start now. Again, thank you for your energies and guidance. Warm wishes.
- Michele

• “ Talked to you a couple of weeks ago. You were right it's a boy. Thanks for your help."
- Diane

• “Last year I attended to Holistic Fair in Palm Desert. After walking around for some time, I decided to have a reading. Sandy looked the most down-to-earth so it was with her that I decided to sit.

Almost immediately she said “You are a teacher” and I thought, “oh, oh…maybe she is too down to earth” because I was far from a teacher. I said “No, not a teacher” but she was insistent that I was. I am a Reiki Master but don’t use my Reiki level to teach so I mentioned that. I thought perhaps that might be what she was picking up. She said “Well, maybe you will start using it for teaching but you are definitely a teacher!” We bantered back and forth with a lot of little things (all accurate) and finally the end of the reading was nearing. Sandy said to me, “You are supposed to ask me something about your daughter!” which caught me off guard. I couldn’t think of anything at first so finally I said “Well, she is trying to get pregnant again, any chance that will happen soon?”

Sandy said, “Oh yes, she already is pregnant and it is a girl!”

Well, a couple of days later my daughter called me to see what we were doing in July because she just did a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I laughed and said, “I know and it’s a girl”. Then I had to tell her about my reading with Sandy.

We live and travel in a motorhome and last winter we were staying in a park in Desert Hot Springs. Our park puts on a number of different activities for the residents and two or three weeks after the fair, I decided to attend a “digital photography” class that was on the schedule. I had hoped to learn some tricks for my camera however it turned out that the instructor, a volunteer, had even less knowledge than I did especially when it came to the computer side of using a digital camera. I was asking him questions that he couldn’t answer and finally he said to me “Why don’t you teach this class? I don’t really want to do it anyway.” To which I replied, “Well, I couldn’t teach photography but I could maybe teach computers”.

Well, next thing I knew, I was on the schedule to teach computers and I taught one class a week for the whole winter.

It wasn’t until much later in the season when I was teaching a Blogging class to the Palm Springs Writers Guild that I remembered what Sandy had told me.

She is amazing, down to earth, real and accurate and, by the way, my daughter gave birth to a baby girl in July!"
- Susan www.coulsoncastle.ca

“It as wonderful talking to you" You read me like a book. Put my mind at rest where my family and career are concerned for sure. You have described my family well, even knew my mother's name! Extraordinary really! I cant thank you enough!.... By the way, by the time I got back to work, I was told that we're going to shift into a high rise building in town! How about that?
- Sheila

"Sandy is a special lady", great insights into all areas of your life. The key here is she does not realize how good she really is, psychics this quality charge triple what she does. I was so impressed that I've sent several friends all who've had similar responses. The female version of Dr. Doolittle I was also impressed at how she could zero in on the minds of rats, cats, dogs and even horses. When I have any questions about life, whether it be business, relationships or even just spiritual thoughts Sandy Smith is where I go. - Bob

• "I just wanted to thank you so much for your recent reading which was tremendously accurate and helpful (especially that part about Tim...a friend whom I am extremely close with and very attracted to --and he with me-- but who is not ready to settle down nor will likely ever be... sad because we get along so so well and he is truly always there for me, and everyone who sees us together, etc. thinks we are a couple but, alas, we're not...well, on the upside, it's good to have such a good friend in him, and it's nice to know there might be someone else coming my way, as you suggest, with whom a future might be possible. I will certainly check-in again with you in the future." - Jamie

“Sandy Saved Mr. Bunny"
My wife and I were having a pretty bad week. Our rabbit, Mr. Bunny, somehow managed to escape from his hutch while neither one of us were home and had been missing now for about 3 days. We had frantically searched our neighborhood and posted flyers, but we were quickly losing hope that our 6 month old rabbit would find his way home.

As a “last ditch” effort to find him, we dropped by the L.A. animal shelters in our area. We brought along our picture of Mr. Bunny to compare to the rabbits they had and to show to the workers. While there, a woman asked to see the picture. I handed it to her and continued searching the cages for our missing rabbit.

Out of nowhere the woman starts saying “blue”. At first I ignored her, figuring she was just talking to herself. Then she asked me directly if there was anything blue in or around our yard. Confused I asked “What? Do Rabbits like ‘blue’ and nobody told me?” The woman replied “No, I’m a psychic, and I’m seeing that Mr. Bunny is surrounded by something blue”.

Now, I’m not much of a believer in this sort of thing. But I figured, “what the heck….can’t hurt to indulge the woman a bit”. I mentioned we had a blue barrel in our back yard but that was all. She (Sandy) told me that Mr. Bunny was safe, a little scared, and surrounded by something blue. He was being taken care of by a young man, probably Hispanic or at least brown skinned. And there were diamonds in the area.

I looked at my wife, kindly thanked the woman for her time, got her phone number (why not?), and we left the shelter. We both figured the woman was probably full of it, but at this point we were a little desperate to find our bunny so any lead was a good one.

When we got home, we went searching again in the neighborhood. This time one of the kids on our block mentioned that someone had our bunny in their yard. Of course we ran to house. The house was blue. The woman who answered was from India (brown skinned), and she said her son had found a rabbit in the backyard. She brought us to the backyard and pointed to a large blue tarp. She said he’s under there. The woman was wearing a shirt with diamonds on it.

I looked under the tarp, and sure enough there was Mr. Bunny. We picked him up, thanked the people and took him home.

So…all of Sandy’s clues to find Mr. Bunny were right. Coincidence? Maybe. Do I believe now? A little more then I did before. I just don’t see how she could have guessed all those things and been right. Thank you Sandy for helping us find Mr. Bunny.

“Hayley the dog"
You said (my ailing little Hayley-dog) needed to eat mushy rice and green vegetables along with her meat. You also said she needed "oil," Vitamin E & C, calcium. I took her to a holistic vet who prescribed exactly that: Flaxseed and fish oil, along with those vitamins and CoQ10.

You also said that the diabetes was causing her to lose muscle - which is exactly what the vet said diabetes does.

You said the "pee" smell was coming from in front of the sofa. Sure enough - I caught Hayley peeing on my blue rug, in front of the sofa, under the coffee table!

Dina Studio City CA

"Honoring Yudi's wishes"
I took my cat Yudi to Sandy when he was dying. I wanted to know if he wanted me to euthanize him.  She held him lovingly in her arms. "No", she said, "he still has some things to process."   She said Yudi was a wise soul who has been with me for a long time as my guide. One week later Sandy did further healing/transitional work on Yudi, told me he would pass in a few days and prepared me for his leaving.

Sandy is a compassionate, kind person who has the capacity of looking deep into one's soul and presenting the whole picture with clarity and gentleness. Thanks to Sandy I was able to honor Yudi's requests and relax with him during his last days.
Dexter, Los Angeles, CA.

“Sandy is not your ordinary psychic"
In fact, I prefer not to use that word when speaking about her. She definitely has the ability to tune into you, but she is much more than your mere psychic. It goes beyond that. She is a non-traditional therapist of sorts. After many years of seeing therapists, I would choose to speak to Sandy any day. Sandy genuinely cares about her clients and you know it when you speak with her. You may or may not get names, dates, etc., but how many psychics are truly accurate about these things? That is called false hope for a quick buck. And, believe me, I know. I have been suckered many a time. Sandy has incredible insight, wisdom and, yes, psychic ability. If you truly listen to her you will have the answers to your questions. Sandy is a great example of what every person that calls themselves a psychic should be. You will be glad Sandy Smith came into your life. I am.
K, SoCa

“Sandy helped me stay focused"
At difficult times, our friends often console us by telling us "things happen for a reason"; which provides perspective- but offers little hope for the future. Most people, are probably like me, and only contact a Psychic/Medium when we have encountered a crises situation in our life that has challenged our beliefs, attitudes and our ability to hope for a better future.

I contacted Sandy when my mother was hospitalized with an unknown illness. I had many questions the doctors could not answer. Besides trying to understand the medical complications of the situation, I was looking to Sandy for insight into the thoughts and feelings of my dieing mother, who was very private and reserved. I appreciated the way that Sandy comforted me-she was my Psychic, Mother, Sister and Friend all rolled up into one, providing me with the emotional honesty that I really needed.

She told me we were facing cancer and exactly where the disease was in my Mom's body. She provided details about my mother's future quality of life, suffering, length of illness and explained how my mother wanted me to support her in her final days. Sandy told me that I would receive a surprise phone call from the doctor, urging me to hurry to the hospital to be there for my Mom's last minutes of life. I was also told that I would be there at the end holding Mom's hand when she passes and that my deceased Grandparents would be in the room to share her passing with us. (Given Sandy's time sensitive prediction, I worried that I would miss the call and therefore, stayed at my mother's side at the hospital for several days- leaving only once, to go home and check on my animals.) I was home only a minute, when the call came from the doctor. I rushed to the hospital- held Mom's hand and told her not to be afraid, because- I knew (as did she), my Grandparents were in the hospital room with us. My Mom passed quietly.

I appreciated my time with Sandy and spoke with her several times during my Mom's illness. She helped me to stay focused and controlled and gave me and my Mom the gift of hope for a better future.
Jonathan, Chatsworth CA

“I had a couple of revaluations"
I had my reading with you last evening. It was wonderful...I really enjoyed it!

I had a couple of revaluations with things that came up...You mentioned a "Tim"...actually he he is neighbor that lives on the same property as I. He is very tall and has dark hair. On April 15th he is moving and I am supposed to move into his rental unit. I have been very on the fence about this...maybe that is why it came up.
Also you said the name "Betty" and mentioned roosters. Betty McDonald is one of my favorite authors. (Her first book is "The Egg and I" about her life on a chicken ranch) I have one of her other books, "Anybody Can Do Anything"...I look at that title quite a bit for inspiration! Thanks again Sandy!
,Meg, CA.

“I had such a wonderful time"
Thank you so much for the kind words and pleasant experience. I had such a wonderful time, and I can not begin to describe what your reading has done for me. It was an experience that brought so much clarity to my life and i would really love to get a personal healing from you sometime. It was my pleasure meeting you and i will most definitly be seeing you again.
Tori, CA

“WOW! My life has drastically improved"
as a direct result of your work! The healing work has been amazing. I had a healing last evening, and this morning I woke up with an abundance of energy, and quickly and efficiently handled the problems that have been plaguing me for weeks. This is ALWAYS the case! YOU ARE SO BLESSED! The healing candles have been equally miraculous; the blessings and prayers you bestowed on the candles caused an immediate and drastic change in those areas of my life! I hope those reading this testimonial will feel the sincerity in my words and allow you to help them as you are helping me. I feel so lucky to have found you!
Reg, CA

“I truly enjoyed our talk"
I wanted to let you know that at one point in our conversation we talked about my deceased brother and how he 's around us, then after our Reading I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door 3x and no one was there. Family members downstairs heard the loud knock as well. I really believe that was his way to confirm your message....thank you! i truly enjoyed our talk. Mary, AK

“Our cat, Dartagnia was going through a very bad health issue" and we weren't sure what to do.  She wasn't eating her food or drinking water and was very lethargic. She was in ICU for 3 days but because the vet bill was so high, we couldn't spend any further money to diagnose what was wrong with her (considering the vet bill would be over $600 more to determine).   The only thing we did know is that she had a liver problem that was deteriorating her health.  It had been about 2 weeks of us force feeding her, giving her meds and homeopathics and IV fluids but nothing seemed to help.   During that time my sister had done some research to find a healer/pet communicator in our area when she found Sandy Smith.  Right when I first met Sandy, I felt a wonderful connection.  She is a giving, generous and loving soul with an amazing gift to heal and communicate with pets (and humans, as well).   It didn't take long for Dartagnia to warm up to Sandy.    Sandy was full of information and insight and was able to make Dartagnia feel at home.   Usually after a healing and communication session, Dartagnia felt stronger. After almost 2 consistent months of giving Dartagnia homeopathics, force feeding food on a regular daily basis along with the healing powers that Sandy has so openly and lovingly given to our furry baby, we are so grateful that Dartagnia is on her way to 100% recovery! If it weren't for Sandy's caring disposition, genuine concern and love for our cat, we feel that it might've taken longer for her to heal or even worse.... My husband and I are forever grateful for all that she has done and continues to do.  Her healing and communicating abilities are an amazing gift for all that cross her path! Sandy - thank you for the unconditional love and support you've given to our family.   As you know, our furry babies are not just pets to us, they are family.  You helped in the healing process in saving one of our furry kids – and that is something we will always keep close to our hearts!  
Pueblos Family Los Angeles CA

“I just wanted to thank you for the healing you had done on me."It  made such a big difference in my life, I don't procrastinate any more and I think it's because of the entity you removed from me that had been with me since my early childhood. Since the healing, I've been able to get things done that are important for me to move forward in my life; such as, finish school! I'm so exited to see what's in store for me this year. Take care and I appreciate everything that you do. Thank you.
Jessi, Van Nuys, CA.

“I want to thank you so much for a great reading." I enjoyed our meeting, I can't believe how talented and intuitive you are, you know more about me than myself.  I came to see you because I was worried about my career, my finance, and my relationship;  At a time of uncertainty and change, your warmth and caring means so much to me, it is comforting to hear your reassuring words, knowing what you have seen for my future, my heart sings for joy, you are amazing, God bless!
Aegean, Irvine, CA.

"Sandy has brought enlightenment to my life"
since I found her through the internet. One night while in doubt of life I happened to think of a name for a psychic name "Sandy the Psychic" popped into my head and sure enough I did find a psychic name "SANDY SMITH" She is awesome she reassures your feelings and hits it right on the button on everything that she predicts. My mother has passed to the other side she confirmed things that only I would know. The thrill, love and happiness that Sandy brought to me gave me closure. Thank you!
Aris, CA

"Thanks again for all you have done for me"
I’m so glad my cosmic request for someone who could help me in my time of need was answered by you! I got so much more than I was expecting….

Joe had been missing for so long and we didn’t know whether he was dead or alive. In my heart, I felt he had left this Earth, but the police just didn’t want to believe it, and were throwing all of their energies – and mine(!) – toward looking for a living person. I was feeling very alone – especially after the helicopters, search and rescue dogs and cadaver dogs I fought so hard to get, remarkably, turned up no leads. I knew my only hope at that point was to locate a psychic or medium who worked missing persons cases and could point us in the “right” direction – and through serendipity was referred to you.

Everything you said was spot on – the description of the location where Joe would be found, that he would be found, when he would be found – everything. He was found, almost to the minute of when you said he would be, but had he not been, by your description, I feel confident the search parties could have narrowed down the areas in which we were looking and we would have found him.

Of course, finding Joe was just the first half. Understanding why he chose to take his life, in this way, and if he was okay now with the decision he made was the other half. The healing session I had with you was /amazing/, not just in helping me understand and accept Joe’s decision to leave (and leave in this way), but in deciding to be okay with his decision; and now, being at peace with my life without Joe, as I had known our lives before. Of course, Joe will always be with me, and Joe will be okay, but things will be different…just as God intended for each of us.

Bless you and thank you for everything. It’s rare a “stranger” makes such an imprint on – and difference in – one’s life, but you have made a real difference in mine, and for that I thank you.
Laura, CA

"Very nice person"
Accurately predicted the birth of my grandson to the day, which several ultrasounds failed to do."
Fran, CA

"Dear Sandy"

Last month I submitted a question to you about a vision I had. I want to thank you for your guidance and insight.  As you suggested, I meditated on the information and was led to a Native American Indian tribe that exists in a high elevation area and in the surroundings that were in my vision.  As per your information, I have no doubt that this is where I must go to strengthen the spiritual connections that are unfolding before me, as you indicated they would.
 In appreciation.
Tim, Eagle Rock, CA

Thank you so very much for coming to my house. The *vortex* is closed
100% and my back yard feels good.
Mara,  Eagle Rock, Ca

"Sandy Smith’s talent is clearly God-given and nothing short of amazing!"
During our first, 60-minute reading, she was spot-on about everything she told me, which is how you know someone has a true spiritual gift.

This warm, kind and caring lady's abilities extend far beyond being a psychic or medium. To me, Sandy is a highly-intuitive life counselor, who was put on this earth to help others in powerful and profound ways.

I am so thankful I was led to this "angel on earth."


May 15, 2013
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